Unit Standards List

US Title
US idUS TitleCreditsLearning TypeNQF LevelProvidersAssessorsModerators
10037 Take orders from customers to fulfil a need for goods and/or service10ElectiveLevel 4 View(2) View(17) View(9)
10053 Manage customer requirements and needs and implement action plans8ElectiveLevel 5 View(1) View(13) View(6)
10148 Supervise a project team of a business project to deliver project objectives14ElectiveLevel 5 View(8) View(56) View(37)
10170 Demonstrate understanding of employment relations in an organisation3ElectiveLevel 3 View(7) View(34) View(20)
10195 Apply Engineering Principles and concepts in a Power Generation Process Plant 5CoreLevel 3
10255 Select, use and care for power tools5CoreLevel 2 View(13) View(62) View(30)
10270 Construct Basic Electronic Circuits4CoreLevel 3 View(13) View(4)
10301 Complete a research assignment20CoreLevel 6 View(2) View(19) View(12)
10591 Conduct interpersonal management6ElectiveLevel 6 View(13) View(9)
10597 Implement operational management principles and techniques8ElectiveLevel 6 View(10) View(9)
10622 Conduct communication within a business environment8FundamentalLevel 5 View(8) View(81) View(46)
10708 Control and adjust utilities in a food or beverage manufacturing plant 10CoreLevel 4 View(3) View(1)
10894 Interpret electrical circuits2CoreLevel 3 View(1) View(7) View(1)
10976 Convey livestock8ElectiveLevel 3 View(59) View(73) View(42)
10977 Convey abnormal freight8ElectiveLevel 3 View(115) View(140) View(68)
10977 Convey abnormal freight8ElectiveLevel 3 View(1) View(45) View(27)
10985 Conduct a disciplinary hearing5ElectiveLevel 6 View(1) View(33) View(20)
109999 Manage service providers in a selected organisation5CoreLevel 4 View(4) View(14) View(11)
110000 Generate information and reports for internal and external use10ElectiveLevel 4 View(3) View(14) View(8)
110003 Develop administrative procedures in a selected organisation 8CoreLevel 4 View(2) View(3) View(1)
110009 Manage administration records4CoreLevel 4 View(58) View(354) View(255)
110023 Present information in report format6CoreLevel 4 View(5) View(40) View(25)
110026 Describe and assist in the control of fraud in an office environment4ElectiveLevel 4 View(6) View(19) View(12)
110074 Construct and disassemble crate4ElectiveLevel 2 View(11) View(28) View(28)
110084 Understand and utilise mathematical language and calculations14FundamentalLevel 1 View(11) View(85) View(63)