Provider Details

Provider Name7 Star Thinking Pty Ltd
Provider accreditation noTETA20-1266
Start date2020/09/21
End date2022/09/20
Accreditation statusAccredited - Provisional
Accreditation TypeTraining
Contact number0832856330
E-mail address
SDL NumberX930731938
Physical Address7 MILLCOVE
Postal Address 
ProvinceWestern Cape

Unit Standards
Unit Std CodeUnit Std DescriptionCreditsLearning Type
119567 Perform basic life support and first aid procedures5Core
120496 Provide risk-based primary emergency care/first aid in the workplace5Core
376480 Provide first aid as an advanced first responder 8Elective

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Mrs Mercia VanitaJay 083 285 6330 X930731938Registered

TitleNameMiddle NamesSurnameBusiness Phone NoCell NoFax NoEMailSDL NoModerator Status
Mr Christopher DavidSparks 0825597692 X930731938Registered
Mr Willem  Burger021 444 7307072 868 0822  X930731938Registered