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Moderator nameAdrian
Moderator registration no.TETA-MODR18-48
Start date2021/04/01
End date2024/03/31
Registration statusRegistered
Application typePrivate Moderator
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Cell number061 078 1325
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Qualification CodeQualification
74149 National Certificate: Supply Chain Management

Unit Standard CodeUnit Standard
335835 Adhere to professional conduct and business ethics
336702 Analyse and apply management practices within the supply chain
335800 Apply professional values and ethics in the operational environment
246750 Control and order stock
336705 Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of international trade and execute international purchases
336739 Demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts and elements of strategic supply chain management
336711 Demonstrate an understanding of the key elements in developing strategies to optimise operational supply 
336707 Demonstrate an understanding of the key issues important for compliance with corporate governance principles and social responsibility
336713 Demonstrate an understanding of the supply chain environment
336703 Design a distribution network
260097 Develop a sourcing strategy
336710 Develop and implement supply chain performance management systems
336706 Establish a competitive supply chain infrastructure
336709 Evaluate the influences of key components in a supply chain
336708 Facilitate processes to ensure the integration of supply chain information
336700 Lead and influence the supply chain management environment
336719 Manage relationships between supply chain partners
123192 Manage the return of goods
252025 Monitor, assess and manage risk
252267 Negotiate with suppliers
336712 Outline the philosophy of Supply Chain Management
336704 Prepare products for transportation; manage the return of goods and warehousing