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Assessor nameCharles
Assessor registration no.TETA-ASSR19-253
Start date2019/10/09
End date2022/10/08
Registration StatusRegistered
Aplication typePrivate Assessor
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Cell number0747450919
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Unit Standard CodeUnit StandardLearning TypeNQF LevelCredit
119472 Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication Fundamental35
335835 Adhere to professional conduct and business ethics Elective44
7782 Analyse a business and determine the way it functions Core43
336702 Analyse and apply management practices within the supply chain Core510
114272 Analyse complaints and reports relating to referred disputes and select appropriate resolution process Elective510
8000 Apply basic business principles Elective39
252435 Apply basic invoicing and accounting principles Core36
15234 Apply efficient time management to the work of a department/division/section Core54
114941 Apply knowledge of HIV/AIDS to a specific business sector and a workplace Core34
120308 Apply knowledge of self in order to make a personal decision Elective23
14927 Apply problem solving strategies Core44
335800 Apply professional values and ethics in the operational environment Fundamental54
13234 Apply quality procedures Elective38
119676 Apply the skills of customer care in a specific work environment Elective44
252037 Build teams to achieve goals and objectives Core56
113909 Coach a team member in order to enhance individual performance in work environment Elective35
14182 Comply with organisation ethics Core34
13414 Conduct a financial analysis of a small business Elective410
14353 Conduct basic financial transactions Elective23
14001 Demonstrate an understanding of managerial expertise and administrative capabilities Elective14
255801 Demonstrate an understanding of risk in a transport function Core55
14656 Demonstrate an understanding of sexuality and sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS Core15
255794 Demonstrate an understanding of the economics of transport Core510
336701 Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of the economy Elective58
336707 Demonstrate an understanding of the key issues important for compliance with corporate governance principles and social responsibility Elective56