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Assessor nameMerissa
Assessor registration no.TETA-ASSR17-389
Start date2018/03/20
End date2021/03/19
Registration StatusRegistered
Aplication typeTraining Provider Assessor
Contact number031 302 3834
Cell number073 438 2530
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Unit Standard CodeUnit StandardLearning TypeNQF LevelCredit
8968 Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication Fundamental35
119472 Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication Fundamental35
335835 Adhere to professional conduct and business ethics Elective44
7782 Analyse a business and determine the way it functions Core43
336702 Analyse and apply management practices within the supply chain Core510
9015 Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings on life related problems Fundamental46
335800 Apply professional values and ethics in the operational environment Fundamental54
13941 Apply the budget function in a business unit Elective45
246750 Control and order stock Elective44
336705 Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of international trade and execute international purchases Elective65
336739 Demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts and elements of strategic supply chain management Elective613
336711 Demonstrate an understanding of the key elements in developing strategies to optimise operational supply  Core68
336713 Demonstrate an understanding of the supply chain environment Fundamental510
9010 Demonstrate an understanding of the use of different number bases and measurement units and an awareness of error in the context of relevant calculations Fundamental32
242857 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the ethical standards in the Public Sector Elective44
9013 Describe, apply, analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional space in different contexts Fundamental34
260097 Develop a sourcing strategy Elective68
336710 Develop and implement supply chain performance management systems Core510
8974 Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken texts Fundamental45
119462 Engage in sustained oral/signed communication and evaluate spoken/signed texts Fundamental45
336706 Establish a competitive supply chain infrastructure Core610
8977 Evaluate literary texts Fundamental45
336709 Evaluate the influences of key components in a supply chain Fundamental58
336708 Facilitate processes to ensure the integration of supply chain information Core58
242821 Identify responsibilities of a team leader in ensuring that organisational standards are met Core46